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  Welcome World to a penmotion pen style of writing by your own Author L. Triplett. From Urban fiction to unique poems of love and spoken words of truth, Author L. Triplett has overcome many obstacles in his life in which many would have failed. What started off as a hobby has excelled beyond his first sentence and first period, from numerous rough drafts of not quitting. From the love of hip hop since his youth, poetry and many forms of wonderful art, influenced his mind and heart to wanting to accomplish a higher level of achievements. Unleashing his thoughts about everyday neighborhoods, city streets and hoods in America, he captured reality vividly and pen and pad his authorship.

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Author L. Triplett's passion is integrated into the novels he has written and as you read, it will be passed along to you. Stories in fiction or reality is a learning tool for us all. His novels will inspire you.

Az We Ride We Die series is in three volumes. The first novel, Grant Street gets the series started when Mainlife, a neighborhood kid from Chicago's, wild Hundreds, moved to a city which became his second home, Atlanta...

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Grant Street

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An excerpt from Az We Ride We Die, (Grant Street):

  ...But, there was a lone wolf by the name of Safari Malice. He played beyond keeps in the streets. He was from the Westside of Atlanta, Murdaville. His savaged ways turned the city cold with no love to give and no heart for fear. Az We Ride, We Die... Drive Safe.

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